Wanda Mills

I want to tell you how much we appreciated the conference led by your AIMS team. They were all wonderful and did a great job. They connected personally and professionally with all of the students and I believe they had a lasting effect on those who attended the training seminar. I am so thankful I got to meet all of them. I was impacted in different positive ways by their dedication to what they do. They were resilient and capable of “bending” when needed. They had a wonderful persona that resonated with the people of Ararat who served us so nicely. I pray for all of them that they would be blessed beyond measure for the seeds they have planted. I look forward to hearing even more good reports of those who hearts were stirred for the lost in neighboring countries.

Mary Phifer

Harvest Connetion Attendee, Dumfries, VA

I want to thank you for presenting Harvest Connection three years ago at Grace Church in Dumfries, VA. God had placed a desire in me to learn more about missions and to dispel some misconceptions and negative attitudes that I had about missions so your seminar was timely. I attended the one-day seminar and my life has not been the same since that time! 

That spark that was started grew and grew. I have since taken the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class and attended the National African American Missions Conference for two consecutive years. It was during that conference that I met Dr. Peggy Rayman and she has been instrumental to my growth by taking time to be an encourager, mentor and friend. I went on my first mission trip to Uganda for three weeks with her during the summer of 2015. We travelled and ministered with Adonai Partners’ medical/dental team for two weeks and Shalom Outreach for one week. I thought I was going to help others but God truly worked in my life giving me direction and passion for missions. 

 I wanted to share this with you because at the end of the Harvest Connection seminar, you prayed for the class attendees and when you came to me you said, “you are so close, you only need to step”. I did not know at that time what you meant but it clearer to me now, and yes I did finally “step”.

May God continue to show His favor to you and AIMS.

Pastor Terry Roberts

Faith Christian Family Church, Warrenton MO

“All mission outreach is smart but strategic missions are smarter. AIMS helped our church be smarter about missions and intentionally aim more effectively at the target groups mentioned by Jesus. Jesus said in Acts 1:8 to aim at Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. AIMS is uniquely positioned to help churches aim at the unreached ends of the earth.”

Abera Negasi

Ethiopian Missionary to Pakistan

Thank you, AIMS, for helping the Ethiopian churches to stand on their own feet. Many westerners have helped us to stand in their shoes but you have helped us Ethiopian churches to stand in our own shoes. That is the difference.

Moses Ssemanda Mbuga

Senior Pastor and Missions Mobilizer, Uganda

This conference was an eye opener to me and a refreshment of what I have been doing since 1984. So I have been blessed and I am going back home to pass on the message to my fellow pastors and those who are involved in church planting in Uganda and beyond.

John Mbokwang

Pastor and Missions Mobilizer, Cameroon

To attend the AIMS conference is quiet wonderful it’s a great vision from God. I am so challenged by what I have been taught here. In fact it makes missions become practical in a simple manner. It is not just a theory issue. It has challenged me that I am going home with another kind of zeal to go and impact this vision in my church that we have been suffering for many years now. This vision has never been realized.

Mike Karslake

Providence Computers, Inc.

VISION, ENERGY and INSPIRATION are some of the things which come to mind when I think of the ministry work of AIMS and Howard Foltz. Howard is a catalyst for Spiritual renewal and vision casting and as such he is highly appreciated in international circles. No ground is too hard and no place is too far from the reach of the “spark plug” ministry of AIMS. Teaching, training and materials development are there expertise and hallmark. Howard takes seriously II Timothy 2:2; “… entrust these things to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.