AIMS Training

Harvest Connection

Harvest Connection is AIMS’ premier seminar. It grew from Jesus’ words: “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for the harvest!” (John 4:35). He referred to the waiting world, waiting to hear of His love for them– regardless of ethnic background, culture, lifestyle, location, or creed.

Harvest Connection emphasizes the biblical basis of missions, the spiritual state of our world, what is an Acts 1:8 believer and church, and the eight best practices of local church missions producing an Acts 1:8 church. Relevant examples are given on how local congregations can link their resources with those of other laborers to maximize efficiency. Using a variety of techniques, from video presentations to small group discussions, this seminar reveals God’s heart for the world

Equipping For The Harvest

The Equipping For The Harvest conference is designed to mobilize and train indigenous church movements to reach unreached peoples both within their own country and beyond, including those that are often out of reach of Western missionaries.

Equipping For The Harvest encompasses powerful teaching using a variety of methodologies in the local language.

Courses include:

  • Harvest Connection

  • Faith Promise Giving

  • Networking Through Partnerships

At the end of the training, national churches form partnerships targeting an unreached people group (UPG) of their choosing. The goal is to raise up a grass-roots indigenous missions movement including prayer, finances, and national missionaries, who will ultimately go to their adopted unreached people groups. The end goal is to develop a church planting movement in each unreached people group that advances God’s kingdom and gives him glory.

The Equipping for the Harvest conference, with time for interpretation, lasts five days, seven hours each day. Email AIMS for a complete schedule.

Training of Trainers

EFTH Curriculum – Phase 2

Training of Trainers includes all EFTH modules, taught from a Trainer equipping perspective: Harvest Connection, Networking Through Partnerships, Introduction to Church Planting Movements, Goers and Senders, Faith Promise Giving, and Final Focus for domestic and overseas training conferences.

Please note: Train-the-Trainer instruction may be accomplished in a two-phase or three-phase approach, as appropriate (especially in overseas locations).

Additional Seminars, Presentations and Languages

AIMS has many other missions mobilization seminars for local churches to help them grow strategic Acts 1:8 churches. Pastors and other confident trainers who want to be equipped in utilizing these seminars overseas can be especially trained by AIMS. The desire of AIMS is to see its training materials multiplied throughout the world in multiple languages resulting in a broad based church-planting movements among unreached peoples.

We have held many trainings in multiple language groups. From its beginning, AIMS has always had a strong connection with Regent University. This is because AIMS’ president and founder, Dr. Howard Foltz, was Regent University’s missions professor for 23 years. Plus, many of AIMS’ staff were Regent University seminary students or graduates. Veteran missionaries frequently come off the mission field to study at Regent. As a result, many of these veteran missionaries would become affiliated with AIMS. While at AIMS they would frequently translate our materials into the language of the people with whom they had been working. So now, AIMS has an arsenal of training materials for many of the major languages that exist in the world.