RC – South Asia Adoptions

RC – South Asia Adoptions

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UPG Name:Kanuri, Yerwa

UPG ID:12509NI

UPG Name:Bolewa

UPG ID:10914NI

UPG Name:Fulani, Adamawa

UPG ID:11774NI

UPG Name:Bagdi (Hindu traditions)

UPG ID:16281IN

UPG Name:Mahanta

UPG ID:17408IN

UPG Name:Chamar (Hindu traditions)

UPG ID:16561IN

UPG Name:Ho

UPG ID:16944IN

UPG Name:Soria

UPG ID:18154IN

UPG Name:Brahmin Bengali

UPG ID:19931IN

UPG Name:Yadav Sadgope

UPG ID:21301IN

UPG Name:Kayastha Karan

UPG ID:21156IN

UPG Name:Yakthumba, Limbu

UPG ID:13065NP

UPG Name:Sherpa

UPG ID:14906NP

UPG Name:Tibetan, Bhotia

UPG ID:15468NP

UPG Name:Walang

UPG ID:19198NP

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