Help send 500 missionaries by december 31st.

We’re not all called to travel to the ends of the earth—but when you help send one of these native missionaries to take the message of Jesus to unreached people in their own nations, you are participating in the Great Commission at a fraction of the cost of traditional missions models!

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Holistic projects//

help generate financial sustainability

Contribute towards small businesses or agricultural projects to generate financial sustainability for native missionaries.

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Together, we can
make a difference
among the unreached.

So, who are the unreached?

They are people like Abdi. He grew up in rural Africa NEVER hearing the truth of Jesus, meeting a Christian, or holding a Bible in his entire life.

There are 3+ billion people like Abdi who have NO ACCESS to the gospel.


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what we do

we help you make a difference among the unreached.


We train

All believers are called to reach their community, country, and world with the hope of Jesus. Whether you are an individual or organization, AIMS provides live and online training around the world to help you become more effective in your missions efforts.

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We send native missionaries

A native missionary is a believer living in close proximity to an Unreached People Group who has been commissioned as a SENT ONE to preach the gospel and plant churches among them. Because they already know the culture and language, native missionaries are extremely effective in reaching the unreached with the message of Jesus.

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We connect

No more feeling disconnected to the work of missions. Partners of AIMS receive detailed updates about the progress being made among Unreached People Groups. You'll hear about salvations, baptisms, new churches, and personal stories from around the world.

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we're on mission to get the message of jesus to those who have no access.

but, we can't do it without you.

help us reach the unreached nations.

You want to make a difference among the nations, but you wonder where to start.

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This is a commitment to pray for an Unreached People Group. Prayer is the first work of missions and opens doors for the gospel to go forth.

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Shop the Unreached People Group Catalog to sponsor a native missionary to preach the gospel and plant churches among your selected UPG.

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Help generate financial sustainability for native missionaries by contributing towards small businesses or agricultural projects.

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daily global impact

In 35+ years of ministry, AIMS has remained laser focused on getting the message of Jesus to those who have no access. EVERY DAY, unreached people are hearing about Jesus for the first time leading to salvations, water baptisms, and new churches planted.










stories from the field

muslim man sees jesus in a vision

Your giving helped send a local missionary to a Muslim Unreached People Group. As the missionary preached the gospel to the tribe, one of its members testified of going into a trance where he met Jesus Christ. The man placed his faith in Jesus, led his 3 wives and children to Christ, and continues to declare the Good News to his tribe.

baptism in a roof-top water tank

In spite of persecution, one Southeast Asian man wanted to be baptized so badly that he asked a native missionary to baptize him in a cold water tank on his rooftop.

local missionary working in north africa

“Two Muslim leaders accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Hallelujah! I knew how to approach them because I am from a nearby tribe, and I was once a Muslim leader like them. I expect many more to come to Jesus through their testimonies.”

pastor in south asia

“I was a pastor who did not place importance on missions, but AIMS training has caused my views to totally change. I am now convinced that we should not only preach from the stage, but also go into the field for the harvest of the unreached people."

local missionary in central asia

“A woman in our house church has an aunt who had been barren for 12 years. We prayed for her and told her she would see the power of the real God! The barren woman replied, 'If I become a mother, I will serve the Lord with all my life.’ And guess what happened? Three weeks later, the barren woman found out she is pregnant!"

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