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We're establishing 7 AIMS Regional Mobilization Centers

in 7 different regions of the world

in the next 12 months

in order to reach thousands more Unreached People Groups

What’s the need?

In each of the seven centers, 3 full-time staff will serve hundreds of native missionaries in their regions. So, we’re looking at 21 full-time staff and 7 new offices in the next 12 months.

SOUNDS EXPENSIVE…..RIGHT!? NO! Because we have an indigenous model with FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY BUILT IN, here is the cost for each center:

  • Office Setup

  • Equipment / Furnishings

  • Rent

  • Staffing

  • Small Business to Cover Ongoing Operation Costs

cost per center


total cost for 7 centers


give towards regional mobilization centers

what will take place in each center?

  • Communication among the Native Missionaries in the Region

  • Missions Training

  • Establishing New Regional Ministry Partnerships

  • Small Business Project Development

  • Financial Management of Resources

  • Reporting on Field Workers and Projects

  • Translation Projects

  • Coordinating Strategic Short-Term Ministry Teams as Needed

  • Prayer Mobilization

give towards regional mobilization centers